Story of Newbee Publication

About Us

Welcome to Newbee Publication, founded by Richa Yadav, a secondary school teacher, special educator, yoga trainer, and author, along with her husband Jagdish Yadav, an experienced occupational therapist specializing in pediatrics and elder care. We are dedicated to enhancing your quality of life with evidence-based resources.

Our Mission

We provide high-quality educational and therapeutic materials to empower individuals of all ages. Our offerings include books, educational workbooks, journals, logbooks, apps, ebooks, and audiobooks designed to make learning and well-being accessible.


Accredited by the All-Ireland Business All-Star, holding a registered European trademark, and recognized as an Amazon brand, we ensure the highest standards in our products.

Our Team

Our compassionate team comprises expert occupational therapists, teachers, and psychologists, all dedicated to customizing our offerings to meet your specific needs. Join us in embracing learning, growth, and well-being.

What We Offer

  • Education Resources: Engaging materials for children and teens.

  • Therapy Guides: Specialized resources for the elderly and therapeutic support.

  • Professional Development: Up-to-date materials for educators and therapists.

  • Parent Empowerment App: Tools and strategies to support children’s development.

Join Us

Explore our comprehensive catalog and join us on the journey to a brighter tomorrow